Unlocking success

Located in the heart of Bangkok Thailand as a venture capitalist company Milestone Ventures Ltd has been set up to offer collaboration and partnership agreements to unlock the success that will enable you to take your company to the next level.

Alternative funding opportunity

Borrowing money from banks to grow your business has become almost impossible due to the economic downturn. Milestone Ventures has ceased the opportunity to become an alternative lending source because we want to innovate and help grow your business and be part of your success.

Ready to investment

With significant financial resources and a network of partners, Milestone Ventures are ready to heavily invest in a diverse range of products, technologies and services.

Looking for the right partnerships

We are looking to offer capital investment to companies who can demonstrate that they have the right team, with the necessary skills and expertise needed to introduce their new or existing product into the market. In exchange, we will provide the capital investment for an equity share in your company.

/Our Approach

We have embraced a very informal modest approach that enables Milestone Ventures to accelerate the decision to invest from 3 – 6 weeks or less.

Our business model is designed to release capital investment based on the successful delivery of milestones set over a timeline agreed between both parties.

/Additional Services

Not only do we offer Capital Investment, we also have in house expertise board members, a project manager,
CFO’s and consultants that can add value to your business when making decisions to ensure that we minimize any risks and maximize success

Apply for venture capital investment

The process is made simple in 5 logical steps..

1 Submit your application

2 You pitch your idea and we make a decision

3 We carry out Due Diligence checks

4 Offer of investment finalised

5 Finalise arrangements and investment deposited into bank account

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